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  • Dusty,Aladdin and Aria

    Dusty,Aladdin and Aria 01:14

    soo dusty was having fun freaking out the babys.haha ash May 9, 2010 86 views

  • Lesson

    Lesson 0:20

    Jennifer troting on miki for the first time YAY ash May 9, 2010 114 views

  • games sunday windows

    games sunday windows 11:49

    friends and horses wat more could u ask for ash Sep 29, 2009 84 views

  • ribbon race

    ribbon race 11:17

    me and kayla were in a game called the ribbon race and the goal is to not break the ribbon after 11… Tags: racce, ribbon ash Nov 20, 2009 100 views

  • ciera R.I.P

    ciera R.I.P 07:07

    A movie that I made for the tucker family. ash Mar 11, 2009 110 views

  • Trail ride with friends

    Trail ride with friends 06:29

    So jenna,liann and I(ash) went on a trail ride and this is the video i made of it. ash Jan 28, 2009 120 views

  • derby

    derby 06:55

    Liann,Jenna,Emily,Lyn and me were in a derby. ash Dec 26, 2008 104 views

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