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Monthly December Newsletter and Schedule

Welcome to TEE @ Mountain Meadows Stables!  Our December schedule is busy! Remember you can contact Gayle via text at 818-675-7507 with any questions! This newsletter will be posted on our website at so you can refer back to it at anytime!



We are still getting some concerns from some of the ranch horse owners that our people are simply driving too fast. Please be sure that once you hit the park area that you slow down to 5mph. Even if you are late! Cars can spook horses and we do not want any accidents. Thank you for your help! Please pass the word to anyone bringing your rider!



Let’s all stay safe! We will begin enforcing that all spectators join us at the bleachers even when their rider is tacking up. It’s a bit too congested in the tack area for safety. Even if you are just watching we ask that all those that come to the ranch wear closed toed shoes. Besides horses we have plenty of wildlife such as spiders, snakes, etc. Thanks for your help!



  • Thursday 11/24 for Thanksgiving NO LESSONS - make up to be held Tuesday 11/29 at regular lesson times
  • Tuesday 11/29 NO REGULAR LESSONS - 5th Tuesday
  • Wednesday 11/30 NO REGULAR LESSONS - 5th Wednesday 


December Lesson Schedule

  • TEE will be closed for regular lessons On the following dates:
  • Thursday 12/1 for regular lessons due to 5 Thursdays - 
  • Friday 12/2 for all lessons due to 5 Fridays

    • Saturday 12/24 for all lessons due to 5 Saturdays
    • Note: We will be OPEN for lessons the morning of December 31st



Want to be riding more but can’t commit? We are offering a new Adult Drop in ride on Friday Evenings at 7pm. This will be a supervised practice ride. Instructors will bE there to assist and keep things safe!

  • Riders must be in current lessons and/or have instructor’s permission
  • The morning you want to ride please text Gayle @ 818-675-7507 and let her know by noon. There are only 6 spots open each day so registration is on a first text basis only
  • $50 per ride. Payment due at time of ride only is check or Zelle. No credit card payments accepted for this ride



One make up lesson per monthly package per rider unless canceled by TEE. All Make up lessons are offered in group format on an as needed basis every other month.  The date of your missed lesson must be given when scheduling your makeup lesson. To be eligible for a make up lesson you must email ( 6:00pm the evening before your lesson to cancel. Make-up lessons may be held for as long as the rider consecutively continues in lessons. If lessons are canceled by TEE a make-up date will be offered. Due to time constraints there will be no makeup for any missed make-up lesson. 



Follow this link to register for make up lessons. There are no make ups for missed make up lessons once you register. Classes available on a first serve basis only. TEE reserves the right to combine classes and change the times if needed.



  • Friday December 2nd TEE Barn Night @ Calabasas Saddlery! 5-7:30pm! gifts! Don’t miss this fun night! All are welcome!
  • Thursday December 22nd 6pm-8pm Pictures with Ponies and Santa! Bring the family and friends for this special opportunity! We will have Hot chocolate, cookie decorating, and fun for all! Don’t forget your camera! Let us know if you plan on joining us!
  • Tuesday and Thursday December 20th and 22nd 8:30am-4pm Holiday Hang Out Days! Need a few extra hours to finish that holiday shopping? All TEE Riders are welcome to hang out with us and the horses for the day anytime within these hours. Please note this is a low structured lightly supervised day. Includes a supervised practice ride. 40 a day. 2022 Teen campers are free!



  • Final schooling show of 2022 is November 13th! Let your trainer know if you are interested. Participants must be cantering and riding in two weekly lessons.

This year Zac, Sierra, Iman, Alyssa, and Ellie will be competing for their schools! Help cheer on our TEE riders!  The first show is October 30th and the second show is December 4th at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center. Come cheer them on! Go #TEERiders!



Our wrangler program is in full gear. Qualifications for wranglers are as follows:

  1. Instructor approval
  2. Able to tack completely independent including bridling
  3. Willing to help others
  4. Can communicate directly with instructors and director - not through a parent
  5. Commitment to work each Saturday from 830-3 and make up days as requested
  6. Must be responsible
  • Wranglers who have not been in the program previously must volunteer for a one month trial period
  • Wranglers that have been in the program previously will earn half payment off their second set of monthly group lessons

If you are interested and meet these qualifications send a text to Gayle at 818-675-7507 and let her know you are interested!




    • Are you considering becoming a horse owner or just want more riding time? We suggest you try a half lease with us first!
    • Leasing allows you to try on horse ownership without the long term commitment. 
    • Riders must be cantering independently
    • Horses available - Indy, Kiowa, Missy, Riley, psultan, and zephyr
    • Contact Gayle for more information!



  • We run our lessons in all weather. 
  • If it is not safe to ride due to weather conditions, we will run ground lessons. 
    • These lessons are designed to teach riders theory about horse care and riding in a fun manner.
      •  Private lessons may be combined into a group format. 
      • We will notify you via text if there is a time change. 
      • The first ground lesson in your monthly package  cannot be made up if you choose not to attend. We feel these lessons are as important as the riding time! 
    • If a ground lesson is offered for a second lesson in the month, you may opt to take a makeup instead. 
      • All make-up lessons are held in group format only. 
      • Please note that if the weather changes and your lesson is able to ride, no makeup will be offered.
      •  Makeups may be held for as long as your rider continues to ride at TEE.
      • Make up sessions will be announced via this newsletter as often as possible.  
      • Make up lessons CANCELED BY YOU are only allowed for one missed lesson per package per month and only if we are notified ahead of time. There is no limit to inclement weather makeups



To adjust your auto payment plan in any way please email Remember it is your responsibility to stop auto payments before the 25th if you are not continuing or if there is an amount change. 


Those NOT on auto payment  Payment is due via check, zelle, or cc (via our website with a $4 per $100 service fee) by the 25th of the preceding month for the next month. Payments not received by the 1st  will incur a 25 dollar late charge. NO EXCEPTION. Please note we can no longer accept Venmo for lessons! Please speak to Gayle to arrange cash payments. 



Welcome to TEE! Once you begin lessons with us we assume you will love it and wish to continue! Please notify us if you choose not to. Check this monthly newsletter for your lesson time and contact us if you have a problem with the schedule.



 If you are not listed, your rider is NOT continuing, OR IT IS SIMPLY WRONG, please do not panic and just contact Gayle  by texting to 818-675-7507





8:45am private Emma

9:30am Private Christa

10:00am Private Seth s 

3:45pm Private open

4:30pm Private alivia

430pm semi private zac/Sierra

5:15pm Indep Trot -  Dashiell, Alana p

5:15pm Private Shannon

6:00pm semi Private Iman/alyssa

6:00pm semi Private luna s/luna n

6:45 private Keira

6:45pm semi private gretchen/samantha s

7:30pm adult Group , jen, Heather, kc, Scott 



3:00pm Private Jen

3:45pm private Dawna

4:30pm canter Grp  quinn, Kathryn p, boone, Alaina o

5:15pm Jumping  zac, charlotte, Ellie, Sierra,

6:15pm Private lily

6:15pm Private Perin

7:00pm New Adult Group Lesson: Jace, Cheryl, Ruby, Megan m, Catherine, Jennifer



9:00am Private Christa

3:45pm private Dawna 

4:00pm Private Daniel l

4:30pm Private Open

4:30pm private Zac

5:00pm Indep trot Landon, Carter, Derek, Eva R

5:15pm private Ellie

6:00pm Semi Heather/christina

6:45pm Private Jace

6:45pm Private Megan f

7:30pm jumping. Shannon, kc, Jen 



7:30am Private Jen jump

8:15am Private gretchen

9:00am private Grace

10:15am Private Faye ride time

11:00am Private Candie ride time

3:45pm Trot Derek, Cassidy, mario

4:30pm Dressage Charlotte Emma Lila heather ellie

5:15pm Private Open

5:15pm Private Sierra

6:00pm Mixed grp KC, Cheryl, Rose

7:00pm New Adult Drop in supervised practice ride

Instructor permission required



Wranglers 9-3 

7:30am Beg Jumping Iman, Alyssa, 

8:15am Dressage Natalia lila Quinn

9:00am  Canter class  rose Jai d Keira Jessica valentina

9:45am indep trot/Canter prep Luna, Tea, gracie, victoria, jasper

10:30am Adv Teen/Adult Grp, Jace, kelly , taylor, Christine, kc

11:15am Canter prep Grp Ella madelyn Talia

12:00pm lead line grp  anna maria Shyra charlotte Grayson Rosemary Josselyn Peyton

1:00pm new riders

1:00pm Lead Line grp emmet, paige 

1:30pm Walk trot grp Aya Emily Nayeli Ariela

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