Total Equestrian Experience

For lessons, equine training, and THE Horse camp in the classical English style

Prices and Discounts

Always sold in packages of 4 per month:
         4 group lessons $150
         4 private lessons $225
         See Gayle for non-package rates

         Specific instructor request: $20 per package

Discounts available:
        Auto payment discount: $10 off all lesson packages
        Equine lesson horse discount: $10 off all packages
        Family discount: 3 or more lessons per week $20 off monthly total
        Rated show discount (including IEL): $10 off private package

Partial training: $320 per month
                         Trainings 2-3 times per week at trainer’s discretion
Full training:     $575 per month
                         Trainings 4-5 times per week at trainer’s discretion
One time sessions: $55

Specific trainer request: $20 per month

Discounts available:
         Lesson horse discount: $20 off training packages
         Rated show discount (including IEL) $15 off training packages

Credit Cards: There is an additional charge of $5 per $100 charge for use of a credit card. There is NO service charge for using PayPal. Exception is for Auto Payments only

If you are currently in private lessons and would like to switch to group lessons, please let us know and we will find a group appropriate for your level! Email us at with the following info: rider name, current day and time of lesson, lesson day availability.

If you are currently on auto payment, January charges will reflect this new price unless you email us and tell us otherwise. Please remember we need 10 days advance notice in writing to stop or change any auto payments. Please do not assume that by changing your lessons your auto payment will change. It is still your responsibility to change the amount of your auto payment in writing.

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