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Welcome to 2020 at Total Equestrian Experience!


Happy New Year to all! Please read this ENTIRE newsletter! We are trying not to fill your email box with a bunch of smaller emails! 


Darkness arrives early still and although we have lights in the arenas and cross tie areas, the stalls can get pretty dark. Please bring a flashlight for afternoon and evening lessons. Headlights are a great idea! 

Missed and make up lessons

  • During this holiday period we have had to cancel a few lessons including ones that had already been rescheduled. If you still have a lesson that did we cancel but did not get rescheduled, please see about attending one of our upcoming make up lessons. if that doesn’t work please contact me via email to make other arrangements.
  • We still have openings in the make up lessons below. if you notified us of missing a lesson 24 hours in advance you are entitled to one group make up lesson per monthly package. Please email me if you would like to join in. If you can’t make these, don’t panic! We will offer more sessions in the coming school holidays. 
  • Make up Lesson Schedule - We have space available in all the lessons!
    • Thursday January 2nd
      • 7:45 Adult Dressage Make up lesson
      • 8:30 Advance Dressage Make up lesson
      • 10:00 Lead Line Class
      • 10:30 walk trot class
        • Derek Zoe Natasha Shannon
      • 11:00 Natalie R private make up
  • Friday January 3rd
      • 9:15 Jumping 1
      • 10:00 Jumpers class
      • 11:00 Alyssa/Iman semi private


Hang Out Days

Join the fun and come hang out with both your human and equine friends. Hang Out days are open to all current TEE students age 7 and up. These are low supervised days with no scheduling. Participants will hang with their friends, help with horse chores, and spend free time hanging out at the ranch. The cost is $30 but does not include riding. A supervised practice ride can be included for $45. Hours are 9am-5pm. 24 hours advance notice is required. Just send off an email to TEE!

Hang Out Days are being offered as follows:

  • Thursday January 2, Friday January 3, Wednesday January 8, Thursday January 9, and Friday January 10.


THE Horse Camp info is coming soon!

  • Watch your email as registration for VIP riders (that’s you!) will open soon and that will be the best discount available! We are scaling back our numbers this year so if you want to participate in any of our camps don’t delay as we anticipate filling up quickly! We will once again offer our Kinder Camp for those going into Training Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or first grade, our Youth Camp for ages 7-14, and our Teen Leadership Camp for those going into 7th-10th grade. Don’t miss out!

Team TEE

  • Are you or your rider interested In competing? While TEE is not a show barn, we are happy to take those that are qualified and interested in showing to some of our local shows. We have several levels of showing that are available. The basic requirement is that the rider must be riding in at least two lessons per week and your instructors must feel you are ready for the show environment. We will be announcing a Team TEE information meeting in the very near future. Anyone interested in joining the team must come and have an adult at this meeting or have someone there to share notes with you. information about costs, dates, equipment requirements, etc will be shared at this meeting. Attendance is NOT a commitment to join the team! Let us know via email if you are interested!

IEL Riders are gearing up for competition!

  • The following riders will not only be riding for their schools but will be representing TEE at the Interscholastic Equestrian League competitions! Congratulations to the following riders: Grace S, Eliana, Alyssa, Iman, Reagan, Anna Maria, Piper, Zac, Olivia, Ella, Orion, and Elliette. Go #TEERiders! We will be looking for other TEE riders to help out and be grooms for the THREE show dates. Let us know if you are interested in being on the groom list! Its a great way to see if this is something you would like to do in the future!
  • Our 2nd show is January 12th at Hansen Dam! Come support TEERiders!


TEE Alumni News

If you know how other Past TEE riders are doing in their horse endeavors let us know so we can share the good news!

  • Tyler Leary has been asked to work and train as a working student with Professional Eventer David Koss and has been attending clinics with Olympic riders.
  • Kennah Glickman has been working hard with her new horse  Gaelic Wealth And is moving up the levels in her next 3 day event at Galway Downs!
  • Ella Fox won LAHJA 2019 Restricted Children’s/adult division Champion!
  • Congratulations to all of these riders and we look forward to following their equestrian careers!


Horse info!

  • Congrats to new Cassie on her new lease of Dixie! we know you will have a wonderful time together!
  • We have a visitor named Honey. We are working to teach her some better manners so can return to her job as a trail horse at RPCEC
  • Storm is now in our lesson program so maybe you will be a lucky one assigned to ride him!


January Lesson Scheduling

    • There are five Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s in January therefor there will be no lessons (and no make ups) on Wednesday, January 1st, Thursday January 30th and Friday January 31st. 
    • Some of the Saturday times have changed so please check closely!

  • If your name is listed in a lesson and you will not be continuing please let us know in writing. In addition If your riders name is NOT listed let us know!

  • If you are on auto payment and your amount is changing due to a change of lessons it is YOUR responsibility to email us with the new amount. No refunds will be made for auto payments filed incorrectly without notification.



No lessons



Wrangler lily Cassie charlotte regan

7:45am private lauren - 

8:30am Private Jen 

9:15am Christine v 

945 semi Private Elyse/kirsten 

9:45am B/r Riley-Pearl 

Brush & Ride and Seated Exp available 9:30 am-1p

3:00 private zac 

3:30 - seated exp. Isla 

3:45pm*group trot class 

cole, june, laurel

4:15pm Private Eliette 

4:15pm Private Grace s 

4:30 - brush and ride  zia 

5:00pm Private Gracie 

5:00pm Private ella 

5:45pm Private orion

6:30pm  Adv Adult Dressage

   kc , Kira Jenny 


Wrangler Shirel anna maria rory

8:30 - istro. Lesson

         Pearl, kirsten

9:15am private Dawna 

Brush & Ride and Seated Exp available 9:30 am-1pm

3:00pm Private rose 

 3:30pm Private cole 

Seated exp or brush an Ride available 3:45-5:45

4:00 private natalie B 

4:45pm Jumping 1 

zac, eliette, ty 

5:30pm Show jumping 1 

Regan Kira kirsten olivia piper orion anna maria

6:30pm semi private Alyssa and Iman 

6:30pm semi private 


Wrangler Ellie zac Orian Piper 

7am semi private Jenny lauren 

8:30 private susan 

9:15am private christine v 

Brush & Ride and Seated Exp available 9:30 am-1pm

Seated exp or brush an Ride available 3:45-5:45

1:30pm Private ash -sean

315pm semi Private rory Anna Maria 

4pm Canter class 

         Anna z rory isabel

4:00 private orion - ash

4:45pm private Grace s

4:45pm Private Shirel 

5:45pm private kc 

5:45 private Wendy 

6:30pm Teen/adult canter class 

Catie, mazia, greachen


Wrangler Isabelle

8:30am *adult class 

    Dawna,kelly, lynn, jen, gayle

Seated exp or brush an Ride available 3:45-5:45

3:30pm Marianne seated Experience 

330pm Sierra -ash every other

4:00pm Dressage intro 

cassidy, charlotte, Ellie m, lily


 Eliana regan zac piper anna maria

5:30pm adv dressage 

               Olivia kirsten ty Orian 





730 - adult dressage

          Lynn,wendy,jenny opher kira 

815- dressage/beg. Jumping

        Charlotte cassidy natalie shirel iman

800- brush and ride - pearl

        Lucy every other

830- seated ex. - pearl

        Sophie every other

900 - seated ex. - pearl


900- Canter class

         mckinley, sierra 

945 - adult/teen 

           Julianna , isabell , lila, juniper(moved from 1245) mona (moved from 1245) natasha                 (moved from 11)

1015- water and drag

1030- walk trot

          Shilat, ari,  jai d , kaliey (moved from 1130) derek (moved from 1130)

1100 - independent trot

          Nisha,,madison, baila(moved from 1030), shannon (moved from 1030)

1130 -  walk trot

            Alex , stella, Rose (from 10:30)

1200 dressage intro 

            ellie, lily, rory, alyssa (moved from 9) gracie( moved from 945)

1245 new lessons  

           Open for new students

115 iel dressage 

           Eliana , eliette

Happy Riding!!


Your Tee Team

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