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THE Horse Camp has all its Covid-19 safety plans in order and IS planning on running this summer. We have received specific approval from the Health Department. We would not consider offering camp if we did not believe that THE Horse Camp will be a safe choice. Here is why:

*We have changed the dates of camp to give us a bit more time to get used to our new Covid reality. Camp will run from June 29-August 14th.

*We have limited the amount of campers making it an even smaller camp. No more then 10 campers per group. This also means more horse time each day.

*Campers and staff will be placed into small “pods” that will remain the same for the week. This will allow them to interact within their own pods with less restrictions and without wearing a mask all day (Per CDC guidelines). When campers interact with other campers and staff outside their pod, they will follow social distancing as well as wear masks. 

*Its easy to maintain safe distances when the main focus is about being with your horse!

*All  activities are conducted outside with plenty of space to spread out.

*No food is shared at our camp. Campers bring their own lunch, snacks, and water bottles.

*Campers will be able to choose a half day or a full day option.

*We provide tons of healthy, outdoor fun!

So hang in there, stay home and stay safe, and when it’s time to venture back into the community, we hope you will join our family for THE Horse Camp!

Gayle Paperno


THE Horse Camp

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