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Took Suki out on trail for the first time since Emily has been gone. It was a great ride Suki did really well even though he was little bit sore at first. We had one spook on the way home but luckily Suki doesn't go very far! Hope all our trail rides go that well. Wish we could go out more often :[

Also in my Miki news: I cannot manage to keep that horse clean for the life of me! He got his last bath on Tuesday last week and now he looks dirty again. He acted really weird after the bath, almost like he was a five year old again. After a few reminders of how ground manners work he was better though.

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Today as I was taking Gandalf out of the turn out, he decided he didn't want to stop to let me close the gate. Well we kept walking I thought I could get him home before Miki came out. However Miki turned 5 again and came running out of the turn out full force. I had to decide to let go of Gandalf to stop Miki because I figured Gandalf going to the grass would be safer than Miki running around crazy. Remember you have to make smart choices when dealing with horses!
Sunday I took Nikolas out on trail with Ashely, Lauren, and Kayla. It was a very good trail ride. We did a bit of moving out but not too much. Nik did kick at Fenamore on the way out and that tweaked my back. I had to put heat on it as soon as I got home. Remember bruise/redness:ice muscle problems:heat

Monday I had to do supplements at Davis and I made plans to go out with Kayla and Ashley. Ash took Waldo and they did great!! I was so happy for them. Suki was awesome but he seemed a bit tired. He had been out the day before too. Nothing particularly eventful happened on this trail ride except for Suki spooking at Nikolas who was walking up the trail while we were walking down. Silly boy.

Tuesday I had a lesson with Gayle on Dove. It was a very good nice slow lounge lesson. I had to lift my knee as high as I could without leaning or moving my shoulders. This helped me lean back and train my muscles. Then I had to put my leg straight out towards Dove's ear. THEN Gayle had me do all of those things but really fast and whenever she said. Not only did I have to think about what I was doing I had to sit right too!! I really have to start remembering to sit back and keep my legs on right Gayle?! Hopefully after some practice and lots of soreness I will get my seat back and be able to start doing harder stuff. Also today I got to groom Dusty and walk him around. I also took him over a little cavaleti(sp) which is much cuter when a mini does it!
Oh also on our little trail on Monday I tried using a balance rein on Suki. The balance rein we used was really just his lead rope in a trail not. It still worked just as well though. When going down hill I pulled the balance rein up to help Suki use his hind end since he usually doesn't when going down hill. When he doesn't use his hind end he hits the ground too hard with his front feet which could really hurt him in the long run. The balance rein essentially balances the horse (duh!)
oh and great job with the use of the balance rein concept. Try using it when on the flat for his trot or canter work. We have to get that boy onto his hind end!!!
you did great Jackie! Wait until you are moving legs, arms at the same time as doing a sitting trot! Then you will have a true independent seat!!!


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