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Today we worked on really using his inside hind leg. I asked him to continually stretch into the bridle and to carry himself by bending and the straightning continually. The we worked on our rythym both at the walk and the trot. From there we continued our work on the extended trot by going to the slowest collected trot - and moving breifly to the working then extended trot as a reward - all hte while staying and counting in rythym.

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Went on trail yesterday with Scott, Lynn, and Ashley. Keshi seemed to be in a good mood but was not quite comfortable trotting downhill. I think he is just a bit out of shape. We did some unexpected mountain climbing which Keshi actually was phenominal at. He did not even question where I was telling him to go. A bit after that though he became irritated and gave me quite a big buck. I think he does that as he get's tired and has had enough. Ideally I should try to stop before that point but it is hard to judge. He gave me warning signs as we continued on the trail so I could disengage him before the next buck was delivered. As soon as I felt safe I got off his back to give him a break. All in all he was a very good boy.


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