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Freddy is a loving French Arabian owned by the Baca Family. Freddy came to us in the late Spring of this year with many issues. We are happy to say that he has worked through many of his issues and is a good boy in our lesson program. He continues to need training as he just doesn't know much - but we will get there someday!

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Training week of August 4

Ashley worked with Freddy to understand that he will feel better carrying a rider if he relaxes his neck down and slow his pace way down. This allows for more comfortable movements for the horse. Ashley also began teaching him that a slower canter is a more balanced canter.

This is great Gayle!  Thank you:)  also, Freddy is Freddy Vasco.  (it was Bosco, then Freddy Bosco and then when I got his papers I changed his name to Freddy Vasco. Quite the name journey, but we've got a lifetime together now as Freddy Vasco)


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