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Camp Session Newsletter session 7

Dear Camp parent,

Welcome to Total Equestrian Experience’s  SESSION 7 of THE Horse Camp and THE Wrangler Camp 2023 themed Show Time! We hope you are as excited as we are! 


We will be offering a lunch service. Please fill out the attached form by 10am Monday morning for each week of camp if you want to participate. 

  • Payment must be received via zelle or venmo by Monday at 10am for the entire week

What does my camper need each day?

  • Sunscreen (non-spray), sun hat, boots, long pants, water in a refillable bottle, lunch with an ice pack or pre-ordered lunch, a beach towel or Yoga mat, beach chair, helmet
  • Optional: change of shoes, clothes, morning snack, bug spray 
  • We will be teaching campers the environmental philosophy “Leave No Trace”. We ask that all campers bring food in recyclable or reusable containers and take all lunch trash home with them. 


Things to Remember:

  • Campers in early morning or afternoon extended care must be dropped off and picked up in our horse area by the bleachers and our arena. Please drive less than 5mph!

  • Campers must remain in their car for Drop off until health check is done
    • Late campers will not be accepted after 9am. 

  • Early pick up By pre-arrangement only
  • Our trial optional lunch program order is due by Monday morning for the entire week. 

 What you should Expect:

  • All campers will have a riding lesson or activity daily
  • All campers will be assigned a horse for the week to take care of and call their own
  • During the week campers will have  options  of participating in a variety of activities and in our  progressive Horsemanship Program to show off all of their horse knowledge. 
  • Wrangler Campers will have an opportunity to join our Trainer Stewardship program and gain experience in being a Riding Instructor, a Horse trainer, or an Equine Barn Manager. 

This week’s theme “Show Time” will give campers a chance to learn how to prepare themselves and their horses for an actual horse show! All riders will compete in our Hors Camp show on Friday! All of this and they will still have their daily riding lesson!

Here is an overview of our week and a heads up of the things you need to know:

Monday welcome to THE Horse Camp! Each camper will  be evaluated in their riding skills so we can be sure to give them the correct level horses for their riding fun. Campers will also learn who their very own horse is for the week to care for and to love. 

Tuesday Campers will take care of their horses and learn how to prepare their horses for a real show by bathing, clipping, and braiding their horses! They will help decide what they want to compete

In at our show! We a dressage class, a jumping class, and an equitation class!

Wednesday Campers will

continue their show prep by learning how to do a dressage test, how to read a jump course, or what to do for a flat class. They will get to choose what they will do for our show on Friday! 

Thursday is Pizza Day and optional activity day!! Optional  pizza lunch! $10 cash or cash app to $totalequest on Thursday morning includes an individual pizza and a drink! In the afternoon Campers will be able to choose to do a practice ride and other activities.

Friday is show day! Come to camp in a white polo shirt as we get ready for our show! We will start with our own special Activities  and then parents  are invited for our showtime starting at 1:00pm


We are sure this will be an exciting week for all. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at For immediate contact during the camp day please text 818-675-7507. 

Join us Friday evening August 11th for our Awards Night from 6-9pm! All campers will receive an award. We will continue with our  fundraiser to benefit Horse and Pony Rescue Ranch inc, an old fashioned bbq donated by the O’Neill family! Donations accepted for haprri! Please rsvp to Gayle via text at 8186757507 so we can get a count of how Much food we need. We also will have a special video showcasing moments from THE Horse Camp 2023. Fall lesson registration will be available as well with all campers getting a special discount. This is a fun night for all and a chance to thank our staff for a great summer!

We have worked hard at not only planning a fun filled session for your camper but one filled with phenomenal learning experiences. Our goals for your camper includes many 21st century learning skills such as leadership skills, work ethic, and group dynamics to name only a few. We also are striving to see growth in your campers’ sense of gratitude, optimism, self-control, curiosity, and social intelligence. We hope that at the end of your camper’s experience at THE Horse Camp 2023 you will help us discover if we met our goals by filling out our on-line evaluation forms. 

 Don’t forget to join our website at to stay informed. Follow us on Facebook at   If you are so inclined please write a YELP review!


See you at Camp!

 Gayle Paperno and

THE Horse Camp Staff @

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