Total Equestrian Experience

For lessons, equine training, and THE Horse camp in the classical English style,

Welcome to TEE at Mountain Meadows Stables! What do I need to know?

  • When arriving at our ranch please follow the signs to Mountain Meadows. Then drive around the barn on your left  and park to the right of the log cabin.
  • CARS SPOOK HORSES! DRIVE LESS THEN 5 MPH WHEN AT THE RANCH. Horses always have right of way
  • All visitors including parents must sign a Mountain Meadows Release form. Forms may be found by the tack area and the lesson arena
  • All riders regardless of age and ability must wear an ASTM approved equestrian helmet. We have helmets to borrow for the first four lessons
  • All riders must wear long pants, long socks, and a hard boot with a heel. Ugg boots are not acceptable. Spectators must wear closed toed shoes
  • Please supervise all non riding children. They must remain in arms reach
  • No smoking at anytime while at the ranch
  • Please leave ALL dogs at home
  • Please be considerate and throw all garbage away. Flying paper and trash can spook horses
  • Riders must put all tack away and clean after themselves. Brooms and rakes  are available to sweep each area after use
  • COVID RESPONSE: All spectators must wear a mask or remain 6 feet away from others. Riders that need assistance while tacking or riding must wear a mask
  • Please note that horses are large animals and can be unpredictable at times. All persons at the ranch understand this inherent danger and accept that responsibility

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