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Mountain Meadows Stables

12100 Browns Canyon Rd


All students at T.E.E. are started with a foundation in Classical Dressage. While some of our students move on to jumping, eventing, and western pleasure, all of them continue to improve their dressage skills to help benefit the horse. Some choose to compete while others simply enjoy the friendships they make with their horses and fellow students at the ranch.

We believe in the importance of establishing the riding basics for both the well being of the horses as well as the safety of each rider. Riders must preform specific tasks successfully before moving up to the next riding level. In this way we can ensure that no rider is over horsed! All riders, regardless of age and experience, must wear an approved riding helmet when mounted on our facility. We provide helmets for your use for the first month of lessons. After that time we will help guide you in buying your own helmet.

All of our lessons are offered under the supervision of American Riding Instructor Certified Instructors. In addition our instructors continue to take weekly lessons, attend seminars, and participate in clinics. We believe the learning with a horse never ends.

Our goal at TEE is to teach Life Long Learnables and 21st century skills through horses. It does not matter if you decide to show, own a horse, simply take lessons, you are 5 or 75 years old...there is so much to learn from our horses!!

We hope you join us at TEE and become a part of our family!


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