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May 2024 Newsletter and Schedule

 Welcome to TEE @ Mountain Meadows Stables in 2024! Remember you can contact Gayle via text at 818-675-7507 with any questions! This newsletter will be posted on our website at so you can refer back to it at any time!


  • Lesson schedule
    • There will be no lessons on Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday May  29th, 30th , 31st and June 1st as there are five weeks in May and June. No make ups needed. Depending on weather, we may announce a series of make up lessons on those dates but we will wait until mid month to do so. 
  • Make up lessons 
  • Please see the end of this email for the full May schedule 


This year will bring some exciting changes to TEE. 

  • unknown.png*A big welcome back to instructor heather and her newest side kick Everett! We are sooo happy to have them both!
  • unknown.png*TEE is currently only accepting credit cards for auto payments And camp due to high fees. You may continue to pay for lessons via Zelle or Apple Pay at 818-675-7507. 
  • unknown.png*NEW! TEE referral rewards program! Refer your friends to take lessons at TEE. If they sign up for a package of lessons and name you, you will receive a $20 credit that can be used towards your existing lesson package or additional lessons! It’s a win win for all!
  • unknown.png*Birthday parties and scout troop programs are coming back to TEE! We can help you celebrate or help your troop earn their badge. Contact Gayle at to learn all about it!


No explanation needed! We know you get it! Please remind anyone dropping off your rider. Thank you!


We know it’s tempting but for your safety we ask all parents and visitors to watch your child’s lesson from our bleachers. We simply cannot have those not in lessons to be around the horses. Thanks for your cooperation!!


Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner! Don’t miss out on THE Horse Camp! (Credit cards will be accepted for camp). Visit for the schedule, Prices and to register!


Have you always wanted to try riding but didn’t want to commit? Here is your chance!

  • 6:30-9:30pm Wednesday nights in August 
  • Register for 1 week at a time or all four
  • All levels welcome
  • Activities include games, riding, potluck and byob under the stars!
  • Must be 18 or older to be on grounds during this time

Watch your June newsletter for registration info!

TEE Riders Show Team is in full swing!!

*Join us in supporting our next big schooling show called cal-net on Sunday May 19th at Rancho Potrero Community Equestrian Center!! Spectators welcome! We participate in this show every year as we have an opportunity to compete against disabled riders equally. It’s a privilege for our kids to support these riders!

*Are you or your rider interested in showing? Our show schedule is in full swing  so now is the time to let your instructor know if you are interested! To participate in shows, all riders must qualify in the following ways:

  • Riders must be Comfortably cantering
  • Riders must be in a minimum of two weekly lessons 
  • Riders must be approved by their instructor
  • Please understand that not all riders eligible for each show will be invited. We try to spread the opportunity around!


To adjust your auto payment plan in any way please email Remember it is your responsibility to stop auto payments before the 25th if you are not continuing or if there is an amount change. Refunds for late notice will not be offered due to our costs.

Those NOT on auto payment  Payment is due via check, zelle, or Apple Pay  by the 25th of the preceding month for the next month. Payments not received by the 1st  will incur a 25 dollar late charge. NO EXCEPTION. 


One make up lesson per monthly package per rider unless canceled by TEE is allowed. All Make up lessons are offered in group format on an as needed basis every  month unless specifically indicated by instructor.  The date of your missed lesson must be given when scheduling your makeup lesson. To be eligible for a make up lesson you must email ( 6:00pm the evening before your lesson to cancel or text Gayle @675-7507. Make-up lessons may be held for as long as the rider consecutively continues in lessons within one calendar year. ALL MAKE UP LESSONS WILL EXPIRE ON DECEMBER 31, 2024. If lessons are canceled by TEE all riders will be eligible for a make up lesson via our sign up genius. Due to time constraints there will be no makeup for any missed make-up lesson. Cancellation for inclement weather will not be approved for a make up if a ground lesson is offered. 


 If you are not listed, your rider is NOT continuing, OR IT IS SIMPLY WRONG, please do not panic and just contact Gayle  by texting to 818-675-7507. 

Reminder that starting in June all lessons on Fridays will be rescheduled to

Mondays and all

Morning lessons will be time adjusted due to camp!

Monday  Closed


8:15am private Luna b

9:00am private Christa t

3:00pm private dawna

3:15pm private Ryan

3:45pm Family lesson Cheryl/Rose

430pm Private Hailey

5:15pm semi private zac/Sierra

6:00pm semi private gretchen/samantha s

6:45pm Private Keira 

7:30pm adult Group , jen, Heather, Scott, Madelaine, Adrianna


3:00pm private Teri

4:00pm Jumping class 1 rose w plus make ups

4:45pm Jumping class 2  zac, Sierra, kc Jen summer 

5:45pm private Mya

6:30pm Indep trot/beg canter derek,  Emily Lee 

7:15pm private Vicky 


8:00am Private Emma

8:45am Private Jen

9:30am Semi Private Christa T/christina w

3:45pm Private terri make ups 

3:45pm Indep trot Eva hailey

4:30pm Private anna marie

4:30pm private Dawna

5:00pm private Remy

5:15pm private Zac

6:00pm Dressage Teen /Adult Paige, Sam, maddie, Quinn gretchen


7:45am private Meghan F 

8:30am Private gretchen 

9:15am private jen

10am private make up dawna

3:45pm Private sophie

4:30pm Dressage plus     zac, emma, kc, rose

5:15pm Private Sierra

6:00pm private Luna n

6:45pm private Christy


Wranglers 9-2:30

7:30am Jumping Keira, Luna,  maddie, quinn

8:15am adv Dressage  sierra   lila natalia

9:00am  Beg dressage class  rose  Gracie kc

9:45am indep trot  jasper, anna maria greyson shyra Alivia

9:15am Brush and ride Harlow

10:30am  trot Grp,  avonlea Vivian lily stella Lulu

11:15am Indep trot Grp  Aya, Ella, Mila, hailey, Tia 

11:45 brush and ride Mara 

12:00pm  Ellie g Sophie r

1:00pm New lessons  riley, cassie, 


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