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Monthly June Newsletter and Schedule

Welcome to TEE @ Mountain Meadows Stables!  Please read this entire email. The June lesson schedule will remain what it currently is through June with some minor adjustments to those that take weekday morning lessons or lessons prior to 3:45pm. Please contact Gayle to reschedule these lessons starting the week of June 20th.


June Lessons will run June 1st-June 28th. We will close down for lessons on June 29th ( Wednesday) and June 30th (Thursday) as there are five Wednesdays and Thursdays in June. For planning purposes we will also be closing for lessons July 1 (Friday) - July 4 (Monday). Make up Dates to be announced. Starting July we will be closed Friday afternoon for lessons but open on Mondays!

May make up lesson - There are five Tuesdays in May so no regular lessons will be held Tuesday May 31st. Make up lessons will be offered instead on this day. Please register by visiting sign up genius at



We are still getting some concerns from some of the ranch horse owners that our people are simply driving too fast. Please be sure that once you hit the park area that you slow down to 5mph. Even if you are late! Cars can spook horses and we do not want any accidents. Thank you for your help! Please pass the word to anyone bringing your rider.



Help us on Saturday June 4th from 9am-3pm as we tidy up our area at the ranch! Help needed as follows:

*clean out and organization of several storage area

*Touch up paint on benches, etc

*Clean up/set up of various areas

Please visit our sign up page to let us know you can help! Kids under 13 that are NOT in our wrangler program need parent supervision!


Limited Registration is still available for THE Horse Camp 2022! Check us out online as we have added a few new things like our Wrangler Camp program (formerly our teen camp) and our Advanced Camp! Registration will again be limited this year with covid still not behind us so register NOW! Watch your emails for our Adult Horse Camp coming in July!!



Congratulations to all our Cal-Net show riders! They all did amazing!

Eliana and Rose on Kiowa, Regan and Ellie on Kaira, Sierra and Conner on Rayne, Maddie and Quinn on Indy, Gretchen on Keshi, Lily on Lacy, Charlotte on Shilo, and Ashley on Tigger all participated and had a great time!


Horse and Pony Rescue Ranch Inc (a 5013-c) steps in again!

Tink came to us as a consignment sale however our TEE staff quickly noticed that she had a very painful and swollen eye. Her previous owner had an emergency medical condition and had to close her lesson program and just could not afford to do ongoing care. Here comes HAPRRI to the rescue! She had to have surgery to remove the eye but will now remain with HAPRRI and join in our lesson program at TEE. We are accepting donations in her name to Horse and Pony Rescue Ranch Inc to help with her ongoing care. IF YOUR COMPANY DOES MATCHING DONATIONS, PLEASE CONSIDER US AS A RECIPIENT! Contact Gayle for more info.



**Half Leases - We still have some half leases available for the following horses; Kiowa, Indy, Riley, Psultan, Zephyr,  Missy and now Tink!. Contact Gayle if you are interested in more information.

**For Owners/Leasers - 

*Our next visit with Dr Don, The Horse Chiropractor, will be 6/23! Let Gayle know if you are interested. 

*Those on colic care need to conduct a worm test. Contact Gayle for more information. It is also time for all horses to be de-wormed with ivermectin. If you need help administering just let us know!

*Dr Bamert will be out of town July 1st-July 17th. We have made arrangements with Conejo Valley Equine service to cover during her absence for emergencies only. Routine procedures can wait. 



We run our lessons in all weather. If it is not safe to ride due to weather conditions, we will run ground lessons. These lessons are designed to teach riders theory about horse care and riding in a fun manner. Private lessons may be combined into a group format. We will notify you via text if there is a time change. The first ground lesson in your monthly package  cannot be made up if you choose not to attend. We feel these lessons are as important as the riding time! If a ground lesson is offered for a second lesson in the month, you may opt to take a makeup instead. All make-up lessons are held in group format only. Please note that if the weather changes and your lesson is able to ride, no makeup credit will be offered. Makeup credits may be held for as long as your rider continues to ride at TEE. Make up sessions will be announced via this newsletter as often as possible.  Make up lessons CANCELED BY YOU are only allowed for one missed lesson per package per month and only if we are notified ahead of time. There is no limit to inclement weather makeups


To adjust your auto payment plan in any way please email Remember it is your responsibility to stop auto payments before the 25th if you are not continuing or if there is an amount change. 


Those NOT on auto payment  Payment is due via check, cash app, venmo, zelle, or credit card (via our website with a $4 per $100 service fee) by the 25th of the preceding month for the next month. Payments not received by the 1st  will incur a $25 late charge. NO EXCEPTION. 


Welcome to TEE! Once you begin lessons with us we assume you will love it and wish to continue! Please notify us if you choose not to. Check this monthly newsletter for your lesson time and contact us if you have a problem with the schedule.


 If you are not listed, OR IT IS SIMPLY WRONG, please dont panic and just contact Gayle  by texting to 818-675-7507

JUNE Lessons 2022 schedule

Monday Closed



Morning lessons available

7:30am private emma h

9:00am private Christine P

10:00am private Seth s

3:45pm private lila

4:00pm private gracie p

4:30  dressage  isabelle alyssa iman

430 private zac

5:15 Semi Eliana/open

5:15 Private Conner

6:00 semi Julia

6:00 Private lily s

6:45 private Samantha S

6:45 private gretchen

7:30 adult Group , jen,  scott, Heather, kc, Cheryl


4:00 Semi private open

3:45 Private open

4:30 canter Grp  kathryn quinn 

4:30 Private Dawna

5:15 semi maddie/sierra

5”15 private gracie r

6:00 Jumping  zac, charlotte, Regan

7:00 Private ellie jumping


Morning Lessons Available

730am semi jen/Emma h

9:00 private Winter z

9:30 private Mindy

10:00 Private Andy W

3:15 private lily s

4:00 Private open

4:00 Private Ellie

4:30 Private open

4:45 private zac

5:00 semi Private open/Boone

5:30 private iman/Alyssa

5:45 Semi Jen/christina

6:30 Private julia

6:45 Private Jace

7:30 semi private Meghan/open 



7:30 Private Jen Jumping

8:45 private Christine p

9:15 private christa

10:15 Private Faye ride time

3:45 PrivTe sierra

3:45 Trot group Aleina, Derek, 

4:00 Brush and Ride Emma C

4:30 dressage Charlotte zac regan ellie 

5:30 semi Private kc/rose

5:45 Private Dawna (chloe)

6:45 family class Ruby/cassidy/mario

7:30 private Megan/Bella



Wranglers 9-3! We will have a lunch break!

7:30 Beg Jumping sierra lily kc  maddie

8:15 Dressage gracie lila will conner  isabelle juniper

9:00  Canter class  rose Jai d quinn Jessica valentina natalia

9:45 indep trot/Canter prep derek Tea, gracie, Keira, Eva victoria

10:30 Adv Teen/Adult Grp, Jace,, Meghan kelly , taylor

11:15 Teen trot Grp Millie Ella madelyn aaron aya

12:00 lead line grp  Theo Nayeli, Ariel’s anna maria elena

1:00 new riders

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