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Welcome to May at Total Equestrian Experience!

Please read this ENTIRE newsletter! We are trying not to fill your email box with a bunch of smaller emails!


TEE is open Tuesday-Saturday each day in May for regular lessons.


Make up Lessons -  Our next set of make up lessons will be held in June so please watch your June Newsletter for that date announcement! In the meantime, you are welcome to exchange two missed group lessons for a private OR pay the difference of $25 to exchange one missed group lesson for a private. Contact us at to schedule a private make up lesson.


Congratulations to all of our IEL RIders for a great show season! If you are hoping to compete in IEL next year for your school and ride with TEE please let us know via email! We are looking forward to our next schooling show at Cal-Net on May 19th!


Horse News:

  • Dorf has moved to his new home down the street while he gets better but he will be around to visit!
  • A welcome to Natalie Boyerts Horse Nikko who is here for training.
  • Kennah is helping us with our friend Storm to see if he is a fit for her or someone else.
  • We will be welcoming two new mascot minis to our ranch for our Teen Horse Campers to work with and learn to cart! Be sure to say hello soon to Bodie and Spirit!


Need a cat? Can you home a LLama? A friend of TEE needs to re-home one indoor cat, and one indoor/outdoor cat. Both are fixed males and about two years old. Also looking for a home for two male Llamas! Let us know if you are interested!


Special Dates to Know

  • June-August lesson schedule available May 15th. Be sure to let us know if you have special requests or are changing the amount or type of lessons you want to take this summer!
  • May 20th Registration for our July Adult Camp Opens!
  • Camp starts June 17th (Ashley's Bday!)


New Brush and Ride lessons for 3-4 year olds!

  • These lessons will introduce these toddlers to safe horse behavior, horse grooming, and improved balance!
  • One on one experience
  • 20 minute ground time, 10 minute riding time at the walk only
  • Purchase a package of four lessons to be used over a two month period
  • Lessons available Tuesday-Saturday
    • Tuesday-Friday before 2pm $120 for 4
    • Tuesday-Friday after 2pm or Saturdays $140 for 4
    • No discounts available
  • Email us if you are interested!


Registration for THE Horse Camp is open now! Don’t delay! Limited space is available In All of our camps! Visit to register!


Horse leasing

We have lease options available for those riders that are at least cantering. Please contact us if you are interested. Horses available at the time of this email are Kiowa, Arion, Katniss, Indy,

Schedule of lessons for may 2019

If you don’t see your name on the list, let us know!



8am semi private

  • Lauren R/Jen G

9:30am Private

  • Christine v

10am Private

  • Tyler L

11:00am Brush and Ride

  • Cali

2:45pm  private

  • Rose W

3:15pm semi private

  • June f/Cole W

3:45pm Private

  • Ella F pretack

4pm Jumping 1

  • Regan K, Eliana F, Orian S, Anna Maria F

4:45pm Semi Private

  • Shirel s/Eliette F

4:45pm Seated Experience

  • Isabel N

5:30pm Advanced Dressage

  • Kennah g, Emily g, Olivia b, Heather D, Jen m, Leah R


7:30am semi private

  • Tyler l/ash s

8:30am semi private

  • Wendy s/pearl c

2:30pm Private

  • Cole w

2:45pm Private

  • Dawna

4pm Private pretack

  • Harper

4pm semi private

  • Orian s/Anna Maria f

4pm Private

  • Ava L

4:45pm Jumpers class

  • Kennah G, Tyler L, Kira B

5:45pm Hunters class

  • Emily g, kirsten, Ella f,


7:45am semi Private

  • Lauren R /tyler

8:30am Semi Private

  • kirsten/Leah R

9:30am Private

  • Christine v

10:30am private

  • Susan G

3:30pm Private

  • Olivia c
  • Gracie R

4:15pm Private

  • orian s

5pm semi private

  • Emily g/

5:45pm Semi Private

  • Rory w/Kc w

6:30pm Teen adult class

  • Catie H, Natalie R, Lilly, Riley,  Heather


7am Instructors Jumping Lesson

  • Kc w, ash s, Tyler L

8:30am Adult mix group

  • Tracy B, Dawna, Kelly G, Lynn L, Jen G, Gayle

9:15am Private Ride time

  • Camryn

3:45pm Dressage

  • Gretchen k, Eliana f, Regan k, Zac g, piper h, natalie b

4:30pm Seated Exp

  • Paige

4:30pm Dressage intro

  • Cassidy c, Charlotte C, Ellie, Talia

5:15pm Private

  • Wendy d

5:15pm Round pen Private

  • Riley L

5:15pm Private

  • Kennah G


7:30am adv adult dressage

  • Lynn l, wendy d, Jenny m, Opher s, Kira b, pearl/Leah if room only

8:15am dressage/jumping

  • Ava l,  Charlotte c, Cassidy c, natalie

9am walk trot

  • Laura c,

9:30am dressage intro class

  • Shirel s, Ellie m, lily s, rory, sasha

10:15am adult/teen

  • Diya, Sophie, juliana, gracie, isabel

10:45am trot class

  • Neesha, Mckinley, Noor, Sierra, Madison, Natasha,

11:30am walk trot

  • Baila, rylah, jai T, shayna, penny l, Samantha

12pm walk trot starting May 11 move to 9am

  • Shilat s, zoe, laayla, humeyra

12:30pm Dressage/Jumping 1 starting May 11 move to 12

  • Zac, piper, olivia, eliette

1:00pm Seated Exp starting 5/11 move to 12:30

  • Gabriel

1:00pm New Lessons this week only see inst for new time

  • Sofia w

2:00pm Private

  • Shirel s

As you can see our schedule is full on Saturdays so please let us know if you will not be continuing so we can open the spot for someone else! If your name is NOT on this list accidentally let us know!

That’s it folks! See you at the ranch!


Your TEE family

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