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Welcome to October at Total Equestrian Experience!

Please read this ENTIRE newsletter! We are trying not to fill your email box with a bunch of smaller emails!

Fall has arrived! Pretty soon that will mean it gets darker earlier. Although we have lights in the arenas and cross tie areas, the stalls can get pretty dark. Please bring a flashlight for afternoon and evening lessons. Headlights are a great idea! We are open all of October so let us know if you are going to be missing a lesson. Please see below for the schedule for the month. Most of you are already in full swing with this schedule. We will attempt to keep it the same, with some minor changes, until December! If your name is listed in a lesson and you will not be continuing please let us know in writing. In addition If your riders name is NOT listed let us know!

  • If you are on auto payment and your amount is changing due to a change of lessons it is YOUR responsibility to email us with the new amount. No refunds will be made for auto payments filed incorrectly without notification.

Make up lessons will be Wednesday October 9th as many are on a school holiday. Please see below for the schedule and email us at to secure your spot. Don’t worry if you can’t make this one as we will schedule another one in November!

  • 10am Dressage class
  • 10:45am beg Canter class
  • 11:30am Independent trot class
  • 12pm Lead line class

IEL Riders are gearing up for competition!

  • The following riders will not only be riding for their schools but will be representing TEE at the Interscholastic Equestrian League competitions! Congratulations to the following riders: Grace S, Tyler, Eliana, Alyssa, Iman, Reagan, Anna Maria, Piper, Zac, Olivia, Ella, Orion, and Elliette. Go #TEERiders! We will be looking for other TEE riders to help out and be grooms for the four show dates. Let us know if you are interested in being on the groom list! Its a great way to see if this is something you would like to do in the future!
  • Our IEL Riders will be participating in either a clinic with Meagan McQueeny or Amelia Newcomb in preparation for their IEL season! Auditors are welcome so let me know if you want to come and watch!
  • Our first show is October 27th at Hansen Dam! Come support TEERiders!

Congratulations to Ashley and Oscar and Tyler and Ember as they competed at the Great American Dressage Championships and are headed to the USEA Eventing championships!

  • Ty and Ember took 2nd place in Junior Horse of the Year for 1st level as well as 4th in   USDF Juniors 1st level. Ash and Oscar took 5th place in USDF Open Second Level. Congrats to both!
  • We wish them luck at Eventing Championships on October 18-20th in Fresno! We will try to post their rides so stay tuned to our Facebook page. 

Halloween is almost here!

  • Join TEE and Horse and Pony Rescue Ranch Inc as we invite the community to trick or treat at our ranch! 
  • We are looking for sponsors and it can be your business, your family, or even in your horses name! Just $100 will provide 150 kids with candy at your “house” that we set up at the ranch on Halloween night. We need volunteers too! 

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness at TEE!

  • We will hold our first annual event and raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness!
  • Join us on Saturday October 26th at your regular lesson or from 2-3 if you don’t ride on Saturdays. We will hold a costume contest for the horses and riders dressed in the most and classiest pink! prizes for all that participate!
  • Additional tickets will be sold for $5 each to win a private lesson at TEE! The winner will be announced at the end of the day and you do not need to be present to win! All proceeds donated to a Breast Cancer foundation.

September Lesson Schedule

Please email us att to schedule Brush and Ride or Seated Experience Lessons or for any lesson issues!


No lessons


Wrangler lily Cassie charlotte regan

7:45am private Wendy s

7:45am Private Lauren R

8:30am Private Jen 

9:15am Christine v 

945 semi Private Elyse/kirsten 

Brush & Ride and Seated Exp available 9:30 am-1pm

10:30am private tyler 

Seated exp or brush and Ride available 3:45-5:45

3:30 seated exp isla 

3:45pm*group trot class

cole, june, Laurel

4:15pm Private Eliette 

4:15pm Private Grace s 

5:00pm Private Gracie 

5:00pm Private ella

5:45pm Private orion 

6:30pm  Adult Dressage 

  kc , Kira , 


Wrangler Shirel anna maria rory

9:15am private Dawna 

Brush & Ride and Seated Exp available 9:30 am-1pm

2:15pm  Semi Private bustos 

3:00pm Private rose 

 3:30pm Private cole 

Seated exp or brush an Ride available 3:45-5:45

4:00pm private natalie b

4:45pm Jumping 1 

Anna Maria, zac, eliette, Orion, 

5:30pm Show jumping 1 

Regan Kira kirsten olivia piper

6:30pm semi private Alyssa and Iman 

6:30pm ash private 


Wrangler Ellie zac Orian Piper 

7am Semi private Jenny  lauren

7:45 open

8:30 private susan 

9:15am private christine v 

Brush & Ride and Seated Exp available 9:30 am-1pm

Seated exp or brush an Ride available 3:45-5:45

1:00pm Private ash 

2:00pm Private ty

315pm semi Private Anna Maria/Rory

4pm Canter class 

Anna z rory  

4pm Private Olivia 

4:45pm private Grace s

4:45pm Private Shirel 

5:45pm private kc 

5:45 private Wendy 

6:30pm Teen/adult canter class 

Catie, mazia, gretchen, Lily, pearl, Jessica


7:30am adv jumping Kc ash ty 

8:30am *adult class 

    Dawna, tracy,, lynn, jen, gayle

Seated exp or brush an Ride available 3:45-5:45

3:30pm Marianne seated Experience 

330pm Sierra - every other

4:00pm Dressage intro 

cassidy, charlotte, Ellie m


 Eliana regan zac piper anna maria

5:30pm adv dressage 

Kennah Olivia kirsten ty Orian b

Saturday - 

730 - adult dressage

          Lynn,wendy,jenny opher kira 

815- dressage/beg. Jumping

        Charlotte cassidy natalie shirel iman

830- brush and ride - pearl

900 - seated ex. - pearl

900- Beg Canter

         mckinley sierra alyssa 

945 - adult/teen 

          sophie julianna gracie isabell , gissele

1015- water and drag

1030- walk trot

          Shilat  ari baila jai d.,ashley,shannon

1100 - independent trot

          Nisha natasha madison humeyra

1130 -  walk trot

            cydnee kailey derek,  zoe,braylen,aubrey,cree

1200 dressage intro 

ellie lily rory

1245 new lessons  

Juniper , mona, izzy

1:00pm New Lessons first Saturday only

1:30 iel dressage 


Happy Riding!!

Your Tee Team

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