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Our Staff

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It takes a community to take care of all our equines, teach our lessons, run our special events, offer a camp and do so much more! Meet the TEE staff here. pictures of each staff member to come soon!

Gayle Paperno, Owner/Director 

Gayle has operated Total Equestrian Experience since 2009 and prior to that was the co-operator of Family Equestrian Connection. While her degree is in Recreation and Leisure Services, her love of horses brought her away from her 10 year career as a Recreation Director for the City of Los Angeles and into the world of equestrian care. Her goal is to create an equestrian community where families can come together to enjoy the love of horses and good friends. Gayle is a certified instructor with the American Riding Instructor Association and oversees all horse care, camp programs, special events, and lessons at Total Equestrian Experience. A favorite quote Gayle can be heard saying is, "it's not about the riding; it's about the life lessons one learns while riding or just being around horses." Gayle also works for Ride On  as the Site Manager for Rancho Potrero Community Equestrian Center in Thousand Oaks offering boarding and a Trail Lesson Rental Program.

Ashley Shrader; Sr Instructor, Sr Camp Wrangler, Lead Coach and Trainer

Ashley has been teaching for TEE since it's inception and has shared her love of teaching with  all ages and levels of riders through the years. She enjoys working with horses that need a more creative touch and is a quick thinker when it comes to problem solving. Ashley can often be found joining in all the camp games during the summer or sneaking into the craft area to do crafts with the campers. She is always followed closely by her shadow Loki, her German Shepard!

Jen Graves;  Assistant Trainer, Sr Camp Counselor

Heather DeSimone; Instructor/Coach, 

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Pearl Campbell; Instructor, Seated Experience specialist, Brush and Ride Instructor, Kinder Camp Counselor

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Chloe Bradshaw; Instructor

Info Coming soon

Emily Souza; Instructor, Coach,

Emily has been with TEE since it’s inception. She has a bachelors degree from the University of California, Davis, and is also a certified riding instructor with the American Riding Instructors Association. Emily's training and instructing philosophy: "Riding is more than an activity, more than a sport, more than just fun. It is the most unique experience a person can have: connecting to and communicating with another species in such a way that the two become partners. My philosophy as an instructor and trainer is that the horse and rider should be a team. I want my students to feel connected with their horse, I want them to feel safe. And I want the horse to feel connected and safe with their rider.  In my lessons and training I strive to achieve harmony between horse and rider.  I hope for my students that they leave each session feeling empowered and strong.  I hope for my horses that they are mentally and physically engaged in our activity. In the utmost, I want to facilitate a feeling of trust between horse and rider that can give both partners confidence in the other and themselves."

When she isn't riding or teaching, she works full time at Manzaita outdoor education school.  Her other three favorite things are reading, eating, and watching the Los Angeles Dodgers play. Of course then her favorite color is Dodger blue!

Lauren Reiter; Instructor, Special Event Coordinator, Coach

Lauren has been with TEE since it's inception and is an ARIA Certified Riding Instructor. She has her BA from CSUN in Recreation Management with a focus on the camping industry. Laurens teaching philosophy: "I believe in teaching with positive reinforcement. But giving critique when it's needed. It's knowing how to adjust your teaching style to each individual because not everyone learns or even reacts the same. It's not only about teaching someone how to ride a horse, it's about giving them something to work on for the next time or giving them something they can be proud of what they accomplished. I want to give my students something that they can carry with them no matter how small it may be. From the child that can be proud that they came off lead the the adult that is just happy they sit on a horse. Giving a little bit of joy, something to be passionate about, and something to take with them in life is my philosophy for teaching."  Lauren is now the Barn Manager/Lead Instructor at the non-profit Taking The Reins but still teaches and helps us whenever she has time off. When not riding her pony Kiowa or her new horse Zephyr, Lauren can often be found visiting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland!

Riley Leary, Dr of Educational Technology; Registration Coordinator

As a middle school instructor Rileys passion lies with curricular design, but has found that her technological expertise can also be put to good use in business.  She has developed web based business systems using free/inexpensive programs, and has integrated programs that clients already use to expedite their business practices.  Riley likes to match her clients' needs with the products she knows will do what they need done.  Rileys goal is to bring everyone into the 24th century of her imagination- where technology allows us all the free time to reconnect with what really matters in life! She has done a great job for TEE!

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