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Our Covid Response

Procedures for arriving at the ranch

  • 5 mph is strictly enforced on proprty
  • Please park as close to other cars as possible in our parking area. 
  • Upon arrival all riders to head to the tack up area  and wash their hands 
  • ADULTS - even if you are just visiting
  • Anyone experiencing cold symptoms will asked to leave unless they can produce a negative covid test.
  • Please wear your mask and remain 6 feet from others
  • Please refrain from touching other horses as not all the horses in this area are a part of our program
  • Due to covid we request you bring the minimal amount of additional people to the ranch as possible. Ideally one parent per child

All riders and persons on the ranch facility must agree to the following health safety terms until further notice:

  • Please stay away from our facility if you are not feeling well including 2 or more of the following symptoms but not limited to 
    • All cold like or allergy symptoms
    • Cough or sore throat
    • Stomach issues 
    • Fever
    • body Rash
  • Wear a mask correctly while at the ranch covering your mouth and nose. Masks must remain available to each person when riding but does not need to be worn when riding. Masks may not have a vent.
  • Remain 6 feet apart from non-household members unless there is an emergency.
  • Wash hands when first arriving at the ranch and use hand sanitizer often while at the ranch
  • Arrive and leave promptly at scheduled times to help limit the numbers at the ranch
  • Use your own helmet 
  • Use gloves when riding
  • Bring Sanatizer and use on all tack and grooming supplies after use 
  • Instructors will remain 6 feet away at all times with the exception of brief help or emergency procedures
  • For young children that need more help, instructors will also wear a face shield. 
  • Only one person in the tack room at any given time

Measures that TEE staff will be taking to keep us all safe:

  • Common ranch areas including stall gates, grooming equipment, bathroom, cross ties and wash racks will be sanitized often
  • All staff will stay home if sick and are being tested for Covid19 on a regular basis. 
  • All staff agree to limit the amount of people that are socializing with their family units and abide by the use of masks and using 6 foot social distancing guideline when interacting with others even outside the ranch.
  • All staff agree to wear masks and wash hands on a consistent basis.
  • All staff will remain 6 ft away from clients with the exception of brief tack adjustment help or emergency situations. If there is a need to remain closer for instruction purposes, the instructor will wear a face  shield as well.
  • All staff are vaccinated

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