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Kinder Horse Camp

THE Horse Camp has all its Covid-19 safety plans in order and IS planning on running this summer. We are awaiting specific approval from the Health Department. While we at TEE would love to have a crystal ball to know if camp will be possible, we do not. We would not consider offering camp if we did not believe that THE Horse Camp will be a safe choice. Here is why:

*We have changed the dates of camp to give us a bit more time to get used to our new Covid reality. Camp will run from June 29-August 14th.

*We have limited the amount of campers making it an even smaller camp. No more then 10 campers per camp. This also means more horse time each day.

*Campers and staff will be placed into small “pods” that will remain the same for the week. This will allow them to interact within their own pods with less restrictions and without wearing a mask all day (Per CDC guidelines). When campers interact with other campers and staff outside their pod, they will follow social distancing as well as wear masks. 

*Its easy to maintain safe distances when the main focus is about being with your horse!

*All  activities are conducted outside with plenty of space to spread out.

*No food is shared at our camp. Campers bring their own lunch, snacks, and water bottles.

*We provide tons of healthy, outdoor fun!

So hang in there, stay home and stay safe, and when it’s time to venture back into the community, we hope you will join our family for THE Horse Camp!

Gayle Paperno


THE Horse Camp

Welcome to the THE 
Kinder Horse Camp


This program is designed for campers entering Training kindergarten through 1st grade with an interest in horses.  All levels of riders are invited each week, from beginner riders to advanced riders. Horses have a wealth of knowledge to pass along to even our youngest riders.  Our program is designed to help campers absorb all that equines can teach including balance, coordination, respect for nature, and responsibility. Campers will not only learn basic equitation skills but will learn how to care for their equine friends. The sense of ownership and harmony campers will feel will be rivaled only by the empowerment, optimism, and zest each camper gains. Our hope is that you will see the difference in your camper's daily life.

Our Mission is to enhance all campers with a sense of Harmony, Optimism, Responsibility, Spark, and Empathy through the love of horses.

Campers will have a riding lesson each day, participate in a themed activity, have  snack time, care for horses, and eat lunch with the group.

Ratio: 1 adult plus 1 teen for six campers. No more than 6 campers per session.

Horse Camp Hours: 8:30am-12pm Monday-Friday

Sorry No Extended Care Available

Sorry, no partial weeks available.

Camp dates

Session 1 All About Horses

June 29th-July 3rd

Time to learn all about our favorite animal,  the horse! Learn more than just riding, learn what makes your assigned horse happy and healthy! Meet professionals that help us take care of our four legged friends and start caring for a horse of your own.


Session 2 Dreams of Horses Come True

July 6th-July 10th

Your dreams of owning a horse have now come true! Learn how to communicate with your horse and all you need to know to own a horse. Campers will learn about financial responsibility through our unique horse ownership game and will choose what horse they want to “buy to own” for the week!

Session 3 Hang out days 

 July 13th-17th

Spend your days at the ranch hanging with your favorite friends! Spend time leisurely grooming your horse, and choosing your favorite activities.

Session 4 Super Hero Week

 July 20th-24th

Join us as we learn how we can all become a real super hero and learn how we can “give back” to the world of horses! “That person who helps others simply because it is the right thing to do is a real superhero” The late Stan Lee. We will also try our hand at vaulting, Trick training, and more! We will conclude with a fundraiser planned by our campers to raise money for Horse and Pony Rescue Ranch Inc

Session 5 Hang out days Revisited

 July 27th-31st

Campers will once again have a chance to choose what activities they want to do. This time around they will get to go on a special trail ride! Relax in our hammocks and join in the lazy days at the ranch. 


Session 6 Wacky Team Play 

 Aug 3rd-7th

Join the fun as we participate in wacky games all week and earn points for your color team including our famous gladiator! Our week will end with a Gymkhana competition!

Session 7 Olympic Week

 Aug 10th-14th

Join in the Olympic activities and join in our own Torch Relay and Lighting Ceremony On Horseback! Experience all it takes to show your horse with bathing, braiding, and more. Compete in Dressage, jumping, and “Cross Country” on and off your horse in our very own Olympic Horse Show!

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