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July Lesson Sched


Hi Folks,


Here is the July schedule. Please advise us if your name is on this schedule and you are not continuing. If you are on auto payments you will continue to be charged until we are notified in writing to stop charges. This must be done 10 days prior to the end of the month. No refund given for lessons not taken while using our auto-pay system/discount.



Please Note:

There will be no lessons Saturday, July 2nd through Thursday July 6th. There are five Saturdays in July so no Saturday make up offered.  The make up for Tuesday-Thursday lessons will be the first week of August as there are five weeks in August.


Reminder that our package lessons are set for 4 lessons. The rate is higher for individual lessons.


If your name is in bold this reflects that we have changed your day and/or time of your lesson.



Sunday  Closed



12:30pm Jenny M private

1:00pm Barbara L private

5:30pm Jumping Training Class Allie B, Sabrina B, Tyler L, Jill



7:00am Olivia B Private

7:45am Kennah G/Ella F - Semi private

8:30am  Dawna K/Jen G semi- private

8:30am Christine V private

4:00pm Show Jumping Class - Ash, Tyler, Alexa, Sara, Nina

5:15pm KC W Private

5:15pm Harper E private

5:45pm Orion S  private

6:00pm Jill J /Tyler semi private




7:00am Jumping 1 - Kennah G, Olivia B, Ella F, Eliana F, Stacy S

7:45am Leah/Alexa C semi private

1:15pm Barbara L private

4:00pm Eliette F/Rory W semi private

4:00pm Jill - private

4:45pm Canter Class - Natalie R, Maya, Adiella, Talia, Mollie

5:30pm Jumping 2 - EMily G, Grace S, Kira B, KC W

6:30pm Adult Trail - Tracy B, CHeryl H, Tyler L



7:00am  Abby S/ALexa Semi private

7:00am Kira B private


9:00am pre-tack  Susan G private

4:00pm Sara w private

4:15pm Kristy private

5:00pm Stacey S/Sabrina B semi private

5:45pm Wendy D private / Tyler private

6:30pm-9:30pm Adult Camp! No kids on grounds



7:00am Adv Dressage - Olivia B, Tyler L, Sara S, Nina S, Abby S

7:45am Grace S/Emily G semi private

8:30am Adult Class - Dawna K, Tracy B, Jen G, Kelley, Ally

4:30pm Canter grp - Mazia, Gretchen, Eliana F, Amanda, Zack G, Piper H

5:15pm  Christine V private

5:15pm Krista D private


Saturday All group Lessons

7:30am Adult Grp - Wendy D, Jenny M, Ofer S, Lauren R, Emily S - (Lauren/EMily if space permits)

8:15am Dressage.Jumping intro - Orion S, Roxy,  Gretchen, Reagan, Eliette f

9:00am - Trot Grp -,  Luzette, Cassidy, Kayli A, Mckinley P, Ashlynn -

9:30am - Adv Trot -  Braxton, Maya

10:00am - Beg Adult Class -  Tracie, Christy S, Veronica, Joanne

10:30am teen/adult Trot Grp - Eumin, Kylee L, Gracie, Janelle, Giselle

11:00am Trot Grp -  Lana, Neesa, Elizabeth, June

11:30am walk trot - , noor e,  emily,  Lily,

12:00N  Canter Class -   Jaz, Ava, Anna-Marie, Zach, piper


1:00 First Saturday of the month for new lessons tbd








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