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Chip is a wonderful little Quarter Horse that has a history in Reining. He is owned by our friend Alex and has been in an exercise program for a couple of months now while he lived in a nearby ranch. When we first met Chip he was recovering from major colic surgery in which his intestines had twisted. This is a very expensive surgery and he is lucky that his owner was able to have it done to save his life! Chip is a real sweetheart and now lives at TEE. If you ever see a car or a truck pull up and hear a whistle, just watch as Chip comes running and answers the call of his owner. Though Alex loves this little guy very much she also loves flying helicopters! Chip is in our lesson program but continues to be in our training program as well so we are sure he can get plenty of exercise. Maybe you can ride him next week?

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Training week of August 4th

This week Emily focused on getting Chip to move forward in a more relaxed and willing walk, trot, and canter. Our buddy here likes to be a bit lazy! Come back and check on Chips progress next week!


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